Affiliates who have been involved with product design and product reviews. We like to say thank you to the people who take time and dedication into driving our business forward

Car Rambles

An Awesome Youtuber With Some Really Informative Tutorials Including The Products From Us. He Has Literally Covered Every Single Step You Need To Go Stage 3. Powered By REVO With An RT330.


Fordy Ford

Liam at fordyford is here to share his hobby with the build on his fiesta ST. Here to entertain and for people to gain interesting info from his videos. From basic installs, to car shows, reviews and track days.

Check him out here….. 


With the most insane M-Sport widebody Fiesta in the scene, all the looks and the power to match, a 400BHP monster.

He is a valued affiliate at DC3D who has helped develop and drive product design down to the finest detail

Check him out here…..


A new business starting up based around Fiesta ST and Honda Civic accessories. We bounce ideas off each other and drive each others product design. I guess you would find this a rarity within the business enviroment to help others. This should happen more! watch this space

Check them out here…..